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Box Center Moving

As of Episode 18, released yesterday evening, Box Center will now be exclusively available through Drum Corps Planet. A new RSS feed is available through the iTunes Music Store. You can also subscribe using the "Podcast" icon on the main page of DCP, http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/.

Also changing is the e-mail you can use to contact the show. The new e-mail is boxcenter@drumcorpsplanet.com.

Category:special -- posted at: 6:39pm EDT

Why, oh why, would you NOT want a cymbal line when you can do stuff like this???

Category:special -- posted at: 7:59am EDT

"Same lick, this time with the elbows!"

Category:special -- posted at: 7:40am EDT

Category:special -- posted at: 7:35am EDT

Episode 7 of Box Center will be recorded tomorrow morning at 9AM Eastern. Since it's been such a long time since the last episode, here's a preview of the show notes so you can see what to expect.

Category:special -- posted at: 10:54pm EDT

I just got an e-mail from the support team at Liberated Syndication informing me that the issues with Episode 6 have been resolved. I was able to play the file in Windows Media Player to confirm this. You can download the show as much as you'd like!

Category:special -- posted at: 12:58pm EDT

I do not know why a 404 error message appears when people attempt to download the latest episode.

I have contacted Liberated Syndication and requested their assistance. According to my account information, I have not gone over my 100MB space allotment for the month. The upload of the episode file appeared to work without issue last night, as well.

I appreciate your patience while I get this worked out.

Category:special -- posted at: 8:13am EDT

Unfortunately, due to the size requirements of my account with Liberated Syndication, I will not be able to post the 1961 tribute episode until TOMORROW.

I apologize for the delay.

Category:special -- posted at: 12:57pm EDT

You're probably wondering why you couldn't download the latest edition of Box Center.

Here's why:

You have exceeded your monthly disk usage limit on the LibSyn server. If you would like to upgrade your account to accomodate more storage space, please contact support@libsyn.com. Otherwise, you should consider re-sampling your audio files at a lower bit rate in order to make them smaller and conserve space. You will not be able to upload any more files until you have either upgraded your service or freed up some space in your account. As always, Thanks for hosting with Liberated Syndication! Liberated Syndication http://www.libsyn.com

First of all, thanks to Eddie Escobar for letting me know that there was a problem.

Second of all, I have re-exported the podcast at a lower bitrate and replaced the original Episode 4 file with the new one. You should be able to download the file whenever you want.

Yes, I did check my account space before posting this. I'm cool now and, at the beginning of the month, I'll go back to 0% usage, just in time for my mega-sized 1961 tribute show.

Thanks for your patience. E-mail me at boxcenter@gmail.com if you have any issues with this new file.

Category:special -- posted at: 11:03am EDT

From DCI.org:

DCI Hall of Famer and Louisiana resident Moe Latour, along with his entire family), is in a hotel in Baton Rouge, La., and has been there since last Sunday, away from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

According to George Hopkins, director of the Cadets, Moe has been "Sitting in bed eating cookies and drinking Diet Coke" all week.

Latour saw his house in Kenner, La., yesterday, and although he will need a new roof, he had no water damage.

Category:special -- posted at: 5:31pm EDT

From YEA:

Moe Latour, tour manager for the Cadets for many years, and past manager for the Blue Stars, Phantom, and Star of Indiana, lives in Kenner, Louisiana.

We have tried to locate Moe for the past few days with no luck. Moe does not have a cell phone or e mail and we are reasonably sure his house has been seriously flooded as be lived close to the airport.

Moe did talk to Megh Healy of the Cadets administrative team this past Saturday evening, and he and his sister were still debating whether to evacuate. Of course, we hope they did, and that they are just too busy with life to give a call.

If you hear anything about Moe, please call me direct at 201-960-0605 or give the office a call at 610-821-0345. If you know of anyone who might know Moe or his family, please give them a call.

Any info would help!

Category:special -- posted at: 9:13am EDT